Halo 2 Anniversary Blur Studio Cinematic - Brutes and Tartarus

Here is the work done for Blur Studio Halo 2 Anniversary Cinematic.
I was taking care of the model, texture and shading for the Brutes, Tartarus and their props. Also the Flood Spore and Dolls 

All the hair was done by James Ku and Danny Young at Blur Studio.

There is also some of the production renders done at Blur.

I want to thanks James Ku, Jerome Denjean, Danny Young, Jake Fenske, Mathieu Aerni, Janis Robertson, Monica Haley for get on board and congratulation to all Blur Studio for the amazing work.

Blur Studio production renders

Assassin's Creed Unity, Blur TV Spot

Here is the spot I had a pleasure to be part of and work with such an amazing team, I mean Blur Studio team of course.

I hope you like it

Trailer and Production Still Renders by Blur Studio:


Sketching from the Imagination: Fantasy

It is ready to preorder. I was lucky enough of be part of such amount of great artist in this book.
I hope you enjoy it!



Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 6

I have work on a image exclusive for Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 6

It is on preoder now, I hope you find it interesting!!