3DS Max 2014 Bible

Hi there!
I would like to public say thanks to Francesc Camós for the work on the Weathermen image and congratulate him for the inclusion of the picture on the 3D Studio Max 2014 Bible. To me was a great honor since I've been using this software for ages.
Also thanks to all the people who liked the picture and help us in many ways.

Hail to Crom on top of his mountain!

Wrong Place Wrong Alien

Exercise of modeling and lighting in Zbrush with a small tribute.

UVW Art, Nansensu

Experiment with the loved/hated UVs.
This case a sort of samurai figure, made with the Oxygen tank UVs.

Is the future of modern art, "Spherical in the Vacumm" visual interpretation.
Just for fun, here are more, if you like to try, do it! :)



Weathermen II

The second image of the Weathermen.
In this case we count with the incredible talent of Jose Daniel Cabrera for the matte painting.
We hope you like it!

Image by:
Francesc Camós Abril
Jose Daniel Cabrera
David Munoz Velazquez

The Weathermen

Beyond the year 3000, earth is being devastated by radioactive tides and gamma ray storms. Life on earth's crust is almost impossible. Humankind is now living in big cities deep under the ground and their energy dependence is very high.
Those who collect the energy needed by the big diged settlements are called 'the weathermen', pariah who survive on the surface detontating nuclear reactions to gather their valuable energy for the undercities.

This is the first one of a serie of three. Is a collaboration by Fran Camós Abril and David Munoz Velazquez. Comments and critiques are welcome. We hope you like it.

Kind Regards.

Published on 3D Artist Issue 50

Published on 3D Artist Issue 50, among other interesting material to check.

Available printed and online versions here: