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My first Christmas card. Alberto's original idea for his school. Merry Christmas! ;)

Star Wars / SW:THX poster

Star Wars fan film poster.

Fan film Trailer can be found here: STAR WARS fan film trailer

If you want to download for free a printing size poster here (2100X3000 px):



Blind Invader Tutorial / Advanced Photoshop Magazine

Blind Invader Tutorial. At Advanced Photoshop Magazine issue 88. Can be found here:


This is my participation on the Kung Furry blog war.

You can find more here: http://kmehouse.blogspot.com/


Metabaron Tutorial

Metabaron Tutorial

Justin and the Knights of Valour / Kandor Graohics and Timeless films

Set in a magical world that children still dream of, JUSTIN AND THE KNIGHTS OF VALOUR is a story about the determination of a kid to reach his dream. It is a tale about friendship, honour and courage. A heart-warming story filled with adventure, action and fun.

More info here: __Timeless Films__

White Walker 2DArtist

White Walker published. 2DArtist Magazine can be found here:
Nice cover by Serge Birault!!
Thanks a lot!

Superman/ Dioram Sculpture 3D

Work in progress and hopefully a 3D printed version!!!


2D Artist Magazine Loftslag Blade.

Loftslag Blade.
Image published on 2D Artist Magazine.
You can find it here:

2D Artist Magazine Issue067 July

Undercity. Full tutorial CG Arena Magazine:

White Walker thanks you all!

  1. White Walker.
-Honored with 3DTotal Excellence Award Image Gallery and front page. Thanks a lot Simon and the crew!!! ;)

-Cgfeedback Top Row. Thanks so much PascalR and all the people from Cgfeedback!!

-CG-node.com Top Row Selection CG-node.com Gracias compañeros!!!

White Walker / Blog Of Thrones

Blog Of Thrones. Making your favourite character of Game Of Thrones.

White Walkers, by now my are favourite characters there, I'm not completely sure how they looks like, but using some references from the first episode and descriptions I finally made one. I think is the most exiting by now, because still can imagine their look.

All the entries can be found here:


Loftslag Blade

Character design/illustration.

An expedition travelled from the northern tribes to the most remotes parts of their lands. During the journey most of them passed away, until only two of them remained alive. They reached a zone without visibility and were blinded by a strong blizzard. But hey could finally glimpse a small area with a calm and peaceful weather, like an oasis of the desert. Both of them got into to that place and found something similar to a black stone sword. One of them held the blade in his hands, and the peaceful place
became suddenly frozen.
The one holding the blade remained frozen for a long time, turning into ice everything on his surroundings, even his friend. One day, life came back to him, but now he wasn't as human as he once was.
The black stone blade creates winter wherever it is, allowing its owner to master the cold weather at his will. From that day on the winter goes always with him. Sometimes he can be seen into the storms and blizzards by careless travellers, however he shall never be able to leave the blade or winter alive


Diseño de personaje/ilustración.

De las tribus de norte partió una expedición a lugares remotos. Fueron pereciendo por el camino hasta quedar solo dos con vida. Al llegar a una zona con escasa visibilidad puesto que una tormenta de viento y nieve les cegaba, lograron discernir
una zona rodeada de una tranquilidad y un clima plácido en medio de la hostilidad. Ambos entraron en esa pequeña zona y encontraron una espada negra con apariencia de roca, uno de ellos empuñó la espada y ese espacio de quietud se volvió hielo.

Aquel que empuñó la espada permaneció en pie congelado durante mucho tiempo, congelando todo lo que había a su alrededor, su compañero incluido.
Al cabo del tiempo volvió a la vida, pero no era todo lo humano que un día fue.
La espada de roca negra creaba el invierno a su paso, permitiendo al portador controlar el frió a su voluntad, pero nunca dejaría el invierno o el frió con vida, puesto que era lo que lo mantenía vivo.
A veces se aparecía entre las tormentas con una forma extraña para el resto de los pueblo pero nunca abandono las zonas mas remotas del norte.

Metabaron, Nameless/ Image Steps


This is my tribute to The Saga of The Meta-Barons.
Is made in Zbrush for modelling and render and Photoshop for compositing and retouches.
I hope you like it!



Some Steps:

Under City

Image of a catacomb I had forgotten on my hard drive, I wanted to finish. Searching on Internet I found a lot of images of catacombs, I don't remember what I was looking for, but I found some really cool images.
Is made in 3Dmax/MentalRay for basic shapes and light using one texture, Zbrush for the columns and Photoshop for painting over, basically a exercise of mixing techniques.

I will post the 3D geometry and the render, I think is a very nice technique if you want to achieve perspectives and lines more believable.
I hope you like it.



Base Render:

Dominance War V / Work In progress entry

Hi!, this is Work In progress entry.
My participation can be found here:

Dominance War V

With the Ten Stakes of Treason driven into his back this god of treachery scatters discord and enmity among every living creature, turning one against each other.

Blue ethereal threads for false trustworthiness and black ones for treacherousness are cast from his staff towards his mortal victims binding them to the stakes of his back. Once the link is set the treachery is unavoidable.

The strands of betrayal penetrate flesh and bone deep into the soul of his victims, stripping them of all their virtues and arousing the wrath of other mortal beings, the betrayed ones, causing hate and hostility, even murder and war.

Those who hold too much power and ambition are easy pray for Proditio.

Pixel Arts Magazine

Images published on Pixel Arts Magazine issue 24. Find a copy here:

Pixel Arts Magazine issue 24


Propuestas para el cartel de la exposición de arte digital de Almeria ya pasada, descubiertas por mi hoy, mas vale tarde :)
Cortesía de Andrés Hurtado, con mucho agradecimiento!


Blind Invader, Arte Contemporáneo Internacional II

Happy to see creatures between art! :)

La muestra itinerante “Arte Contemporáneo Internacional II” proveniente del Museum of the Americas, Miami, Estados Unidos se presentara en Argentina :

“Arte Contemporáneo Internacional II”



3D Artist

Published on "3D Artist" issue 26. Image and small tutorial.
Can be found here:

Ashes To Heliopolis

Ashes To Heliopolis.

Personal interpretation of the Phoenix bird.
A present for Jose Antonio Portillo a friend that leaved the country, very good friend and very good animator. I truly miss! If you see this guy around, take care of him! ;)
This is in your honour dude!

Best Wishes,

David Munoz Velazquez.

Interviewed by Moize at Opelm.com


Thanks to Moize for the time and the interest to ask and share!
I hope it's not too dense to read :)

2D Artist Magazine

Main Panel published on 2D Artist magazine.
Can be found here:

2DArtist: Issue 061 - January 2011