Dominance War V / Work In progress entry

Hi!, this is Work In progress entry.
My participation can be found here:

Dominance War V

With the Ten Stakes of Treason driven into his back this god of treachery scatters discord and enmity among every living creature, turning one against each other.

Blue ethereal threads for false trustworthiness and black ones for treacherousness are cast from his staff towards his mortal victims binding them to the stakes of his back. Once the link is set the treachery is unavoidable.

The strands of betrayal penetrate flesh and bone deep into the soul of his victims, stripping them of all their virtues and arousing the wrath of other mortal beings, the betrayed ones, causing hate and hostility, even murder and war.

Those who hold too much power and ambition are easy pray for Proditio.


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