The Weathermen

Beyond the year 3000, earth is being devastated by radioactive tides and gamma ray storms. Life on earth's crust is almost impossible. Humankind is now living in big cities deep under the ground and their energy dependence is very high.
Those who collect the energy needed by the big diged settlements are called 'the weathermen', pariah who survive on the surface detontating nuclear reactions to gather their valuable energy for the undercities.

This is the first one of a serie of three. Is a collaboration by Fran Camós Abril and David Munoz Velazquez. Comments and critiques are welcome. We hope you like it.

Kind Regards.


Pepnoi said...

I like this picture, its expressive power, the story it tells, its colors. Congrats David

David Munoz Velazquez said...

Thanks Pepnoi!! ;)

BONACHERA Benoit said...

Excellent work ! I already noticed your startrooper few months ago but this one is very great.
Congrats for being published in 3dcreative may 2013 !